Dr. Augustin Ratiu de Noslac
Augustin Rațiu (n. 7 iulie1884, Petreştii Upper County Turda - d. 2 decembrie1970, Turda) was a prominent personality of the city of Turda, Ion Rațiu politician father.

Rațiu family is descended from Nagylak (Noşlac) of Turda, Transylvania attested in the early century. XIV and reînnobilată in 1625 by Prince Gabriel Bethlen. He was born on July 7, 1884 in the village Petresti de Sus, in the county Turda at the time. Primary and secondary schools in many places they are: Cluj, Bistrita Năsăud Blaj. Then came the Faculty of Law Cluj and Budapest, as a scholar of "Şterca Şuluţiu Foundation". In 1909 he received the title of "Doctor of Law" and censorship of attorney filed in Targu Mures. In the same year opened office attorney Turda, reaching dean of the Bar. In 1913 he married Eugenia Sibiu Turcu, granddaughter of John Woods-Drăguşanu.

Augustin Rațiu held in Turda, in addition to professional work as a lawyer, a labor intensive support and affirmation of local Romanian life. In 1906 reorganized (as President) "Romanian Craftsmen meeting" in Turda, founded in 1889 by Dr. Ioan Rațiu. He was an active member of ASTRA Despărţământului Turda and "Reading Society of Women in Turda".
In 1918 he was appointed commissioner of the city of Turda and nets Trascău, Agârbiciu and Turda, with the task of organizing councils and national guards.

From Amos Frâncu commission, went along with Dr.. Iulian Pop from Tirgu Mures to discuss with General Gherăescu input method Romanian troops in Turda and Cluj.
After the Union of 1918 and has continued to support local Romanian life. In this fall and his concerns reorganization meeting Romanian Craftsmen and Merchants Turda.

Administrative line has served as the county's first Prefect Turda (1923) and mayor of the city.
As Dean of the Bar Association has initiated raising statue dr. Ioan Rațiu, made in 1930 Mary Queen Square (now Square December 1, 1918). He made journalism newspapers "Patria", "current", our Tribune "and" Aries ". Knowing Hungarian and Latin researched archives and wrote many important articles of history. He was decorated with the "Cross Romanian" in the Knight (1923).
In recent years a statue was erected in the courtyard "Rațiu Foundation" in Turda, Square 1 December 1, near the statue of his son, Ion Rațiu.
As another sign of appreciation for the good work of his entire town, at the entrance to the Technical College "Dr. Ioan Rațiu "Turda was unveiled a memorial plaque with his effigy.