Nicolae-RatiuBorn in Davos, Switzerland, on May 7th 1948, Nicolae Rațiu became involved in Romanian issues after the collapse of communism, when his father, Ion Raţiu returned to Romania. Mr. Rațiu was for 10 years the UK President of World Union of Free Romanians (WUFR), established by Ion Rațiu in 1984, linking all Romanian Diaspora exile anti‐communist organizations and publishing a monthly newspaper for the Diaspora.

The newspaper ran from 1984 until 1996, when it ceased publication, superseded by the Rațiu‐owned daily Romanian national newspaper Cotidianul, of which Nicolae Rațiu was publisher and co‐publisher until 2006. As President of WUFR, his mission was to see true freedom and democracy restored in Romania. Accordingly, until 1996 he carried on lobbying the EU commission and the UK Government to reveal what was truly going on in Romania, as the initial elected governments resisted real democratic change.

Mr. Rațiu established the UK registered charity Relief Fund for Romania (FSC) in December 1989, created a clearing house and coordinated relief efforts of the British public to deliver their aid to Romania after the revolution.

Through its Romanian arm, FSC - now independent - continues its support for community activities.

Since 1990, Mr. Rațiu is the Chairman and Trustee of the Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation (RFCF), a grant‐giving trust for the benefit of Romanian students to attain higher education in the UK. Over 1.000 students have been awarded scholarships from 1991 to present. RFCF also funds the promotion of Romanian culture (e.g. the Romanian Film Festival in London, 2004‐2012). Via RFCF, starting in 1988, he also worked with his father in establishing and funding the endowment of the Ion Rațiu Chair of Romanian Studies at Georgetown University Washington, D.C. in 1991, the first ever US based chair for Romanian studies. In addition, he is the initiator of the Ion Rațiu Democracy Award, in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, starting from 2005.

Mr. Rațiu assisted in the establishing of the Romanian registered charity Fundaţia Rațiu Romania, set up by Elisabeth Rațiu in Bucharest in 1995, to treat children with leukemia in the hospitals of Bucharest (particularly Fundeni Hospital).

Along with , his brother, Mr. Indrei Rațiu, Nicolae founded the Romanian registered Rațiu Democracy Center (based in Turda), which furthers the democratic ideals of their father, Ion Rațiu. The organization has reached its 10th anniversary, working at grassroots, regional and national levels, with programs annually benefitting thousands, focusing on issues such as: advocacy, transparency, human rights, identity and diversity, and youth engagement initiatives.

Mr. Nicolae Rațiu founded the Romanian Cultural Center in London in 1994, with a focus on enabling members of the Romanian community to express themselves through theatre, art, photography, with the objective of increasing the understanding and appreciation of Romanian arts in Britain.

In 2000, along with the architect Șerban Cantacuzino, Mr. Rațiu became the founding trustee of the UK and Romania based foundation Pro Patrimonio, equivalent ot the National Trust for the conservation and preservation of Romania's Heritage. He is also a board member and a trustee of the UK registered Adept Foundation, which aims to preserve traditional forms of agriculture, as well as flora and fauna in Transylvania, and is currently the chairman of Transilvania Fest, financially supporting this cultural and gastronomy itinerant festival on a yearly basis.

Nicolae Rațiu has assumed the role of spokesperson for Romanians and the Romanian community in the UK. During the 2013 demonstrations against the Roșia Montana mining project, Nicolae Rațiu could be found protesting in London, voicing his opinion against the exploitation project in the media. In addition, as a chairman of Pro Patrimonio, he worked together with Șerban Cantacuzino to release a non‐biased report on the topic, commissioned by the two in the UK.

Mr. Nicolae Rațiu is also Managing Director of Regent House Properties Ltd, and senior adviser to the family's group of companies in the UK, France and Romania. He is educated in the United Kingdom at Marlborough College, and at New York University, with a BSc in Marine Transportation and Economics.